Bradnams Shower Pivots – Customer DIY Story –

Obsolete Bradnams Shower Pivot DIY

A Customer Story

Every day we engage with customers who find that their window, door or shower parts are no longer being produced through the normal channels.

Discovering the manufacturer is often of little help, their advice here will be to purchase a new shower as these parts are no longer available alternatively, they send you to us, the team at Mr Windows.

The part in this customers story is an old Bradnams Shower Pivot that is decades out of production. With parts this old it can almost impossible to discern a replacement for anyone who hasn’t been in the industry for a long time. 


Pictured below is a comparison of the original part and what our expert team were able to advise would suit this model shower.

Customers Obsolete Part

Mr Windows 3D Printed Part

The team was able to identify a solution in the form of our MW3DBRBRACV1SH. (pictured left) The difference between the two parts is visually night and day. 

Once the part was received by the customer our role in this story wasn’t yet finished. It required some outside of the box thinking from our experts to ensure it correctly fitted the frame of the screen. Using phone and email correspondence our team was able to advise on adjustments to the pivot and how to continue using the female components of the old kit that had withstood the test of time.

The customer now has a shower screen decades old, functioning as though it was installed yesterday and for a fraction of the cost for a replacement or a trades person to perform the maintenance.


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