Robe rollers - suits sliding wardrobe doors - Prime-Line N6817, N6861, N6630

Robe rollers – Prime-Line rollers – 1 x pair
Price: $50.00$68.00


ITEM offered for sales suits sliding wardrobe doors – robe door – roller and carriage (1 x Pair) 2 rollers offered to suit bottom roller robe doors

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  • Primeline N6817 – Adjustable – galvanized carriage. Dimensions: 78mm (long) x 82mm (high) x 25mm (wide) Roller diameter 40mm, Tyre Shape – Concave
  • Primeline N6861 – Adjustable – galvanized carriage. Dimensions: 85mm (long) x 55mm (high) x 25mm (wide). Roller diameter 40mm, Tyre Shape – Concave
  • Primeline N6630 – Adjustable – galvanized carriage. Dimensions: 64mm (long) x 81mm (high) x 15mm (wide). Roller diameter 40mm, Tyre Shape – Concave
  • Primeline N6820 – Adjustable – galvanized carriage. Dimensions: 85.7mm (high) x 79.3mm (wide). Roller diameter 40mm. Tyre Shape – Concave

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