Servicing And Repairs

Running rough, hard to lock, dragging it closed – does any of this sound like your windows and doors? If it does, replacement door and window parts will bring yours back to life.

At Mr Windows, we want to make your windows and doors shine again, by operating smoothly and efficiently, quietly and effortlessly – just the way they were designed.

Your windows and doors are an integral part of your home and trouble-free operation is often easily achieved with a set of replacement rollers, a replacement catch or lock, or even just an adjustment.

Our huge range of replacement window and door parts can breathe new life into your older windows and doors if you are a DIYer.

Mr Windows Tradesmen

Offering Parts And Service

If you want assistance our industry trained and dedicated transmen will come to your aid. Repairing or replacing hardware (e.g. rollers, handles, locks, etc.) and or aluminium components (e.g. rails, threshold, tracks etc.)

All service calls incur a call out fee + the additional labour charges + GST (for the task at hand) + costs of materials/parts + GST.

*Please note the person requesting the work must be the person responsible for paying the invoice. Mr Windows personnel will not accept any instructions from a third party (e.g. a tenant requesting work to be done on behalf of the landlord.

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