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Replace Your Sliding Door Rollers

Sliding Door Rollers will degrade over time without maintenance, the on flow effect can be very costly causing extra strain and damage to your Sliding Door Handles and Tracks. Get in touch with our team to help you DIY your Sliding Door System's maintenance.

If your rollers need replacing, we will identify your parts for you and point you in the direction of a trusted tradesman in your local area.

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Over 50 Years Of Experience

The team at Mr Windows has collectively been working in and around the glass & maintenance industry since 1967. The team is more than capable of identifying and troubleshooting Window Parts, Door Parts & Shower Parts dating back as far as the 1960's.

With a culture and ethos fostered and foscused around restoration and repair before entire replacement, you can be certain we will find a solution for you that is cheaper than a new window, door or shower.

Dowell Windows & Hardware

Many homes and business have Dowell Windows and over the last 10 years we have helped thousands of customers save time and money by replacing the Dowell Handles & Hardware rather than the entire window.

If you have Dowell Windows that are in need of maintenance or hardware replacement, contact our team today.

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Frequently Asked Quesions

Do You Repair Doors, Windows or Showers?

Sadly we do not perform maintenance or repairs ourelves anymore.

We have decided to focus on parts and hardware while giving any enquiries for repairs or maintenance to trusted, local trades people.

How Do I Find My Part?

Finding your door part, window part or shower part doesn't need to cause you stress or frustration. In fact, if you are sitting there saying to yourself, "I THINK I it looks like this one," we always suggest you send us some pictures and information to do all of the leg work for you. Our team can identify parts as going back upwards of 50 years.

You have 3 main options to track down your tricky door part, window part or shower part:
1. Send and email with your contact information, a description of the issue and pictures to
2. Us the easy 3 step "Find A Part" form either HERE or at the top of any page on the website.
3. Go for a browse through the site.

If you do decide to call ahead it's always welcome to talk to our customers, but we will never identify a part based on a description of it over the phone.

What Are Your Opening Hours?

Monday - Thursday: 0830am - 0330pmFriday: 0830am - 0130pmSaturday - Sunday: ClosedIf you are calling outside of these hours, you will get our message bank. Don't worry, this is checked by an expert every morning.

I Am Unable To Send A Picture, What Do I Do?

Unfortunately with well over tens of thousands of individual parts to work with, it is impossible to assist in many occasions without a picture.Our team are made up of window, door and shower experts so they will not be able to troubleshoot your computer or phone, we suggest seeking the helpof a loved one or friend to get your image off to us so we can start the find a part process.

Can I Return My Product?

We absolutely accept returns though there are some conditions. In all cases, ensure you have your contact details and sales number.

Simply email us HEREor call us HERE.You will need to provide your contact details and sales number. The parts cannot be damaged to any degree. You will have to return the parts either in store or via post (at your own cost). Once we receive the parts you will be issued a return less 10% restocking and administration fees.


It's an easy 3 step process. Let the Mr Windows Team do the legwork!

Take A Picture

Photographing as much of the part you are looking to replace as you can will help our team to identify your mystery part. If it’s lost or missing don’t panic, a photo of the entire window, door or shower can often be enough.

Send Your Photo

Email or the “Help Me Find A Part” section of our website are all great ways to send us any pictures and provide us with as much information as you can.

Submit Photos

Relax & Let Us Work

From here our expert team will identify your part and provide instructions and advice on how to best solve your problem. You will receive a reply with a direct link to purchase the replacement part.

Chainwinder DS1 DIY

Chain Winder NEW DS1, DS2 (replacing the DS1177)
mr windows trusted tradesman window repair

Looking for more work?

Mr Windows has been supplying and upskilling the trade and handyman community all over the country for the last 5 years.

We want to enable all of our customers to search for you and contact you through our "Trusted Tradies" directory.

If you purchase your parts through us, hit the button below or get in touch with our admin directly via to get your free Trusted Tradie listing.

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The team at Mr Windows prides themselves on their customer service.

Mr Windows is a leading reseller and manufacturer of window parts, shower parts and door parts in Australia with over 2500 different products to choose from! We offer quality products at competitive prices; with friendlier customer service than many other distributors out there. We have great volume pricing for Trade Customers & Business Customers so you can get big orders going, and get that competitive edge.

See What Our Customers Are Saying

  • A. Gatty

    The team at Mr Windows were friendly, prompt and very knowledgeable from the get-go. My email query was responded to quickly and despite me having limited information and only a few photos. They were able to quickly advise the sliding door strike that I was after. I'd highly recommend them to anyone! Thank you!!

  • J. Kemsley

    Awesome customer service! Thanks Craig! On my second parts order due to house getting older, if only I had known about this company earlier!! Best part is the "Help Me Find a Part" - take a photo, upload, then Mr Windows does the rest to ensure it's the correct part - always leave to the experts I say! Thanks guys.

  • A. Jeyaseelan

    Needed a replacement for shower screen lock and handle, dealt with Craig, he was friendly and knew what we needed, most correspondence was via email, prompt service and got what we needed. Would definitely recommend and use their services again.