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Mohair weather pile seal for windows - sold per metre - various sizes


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OFFERED for sale is Poly-bond (PB) woven brush pile seal for windows and doors - stops them whistling and rattling - sold per metre

Remember! Whilst you have your window out to replace the weather pile it is also an ideal time to change your windows or door rollers, clean out your tracks - ensuring weep hole are clear of debris and check the overall maintenance of your windows.

How it works

A soft multi-filament pile yarn on a woven reinforced translucent backing this weather seal is originally installed during the manufacture of your windows and doors. Wearing down over use of your windows and doors, the pile eventually disappears, leaving your windows open to wind penetration (whistling), heat loss in winter and rattling.

The important thing to work out is the heal width (this is the backing plate) that slides in to the channel on your windows, then the length of the pile comes next. If the pile is too long it will make it harder to open and close the windows and doors.

If you have any doubt send us an email and we will send you a sample card of our most common requested piles.


OPTIONS - select from the drop down menu your PREFERRED SIZE then simply enter the number of meters required.



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