Stop the weather and bugs from finding their way in.

Weep Hole Covers often go unnoticed as some of the unsung heroes of our households serving as one of our defenses against weather and bugs.

Mr Windows can identify your Weep Hole Covers and find you a replacement to ensure your home is protected.

Collection: Weep Hole Covers and wind baffles

Find Your Old Window Hole Covers Today

Wet and windy weather finding its way into your home? Noticing a few more bugs lately? Check the weep holes in your windows.

If your windows are so old that replacements aren't available, don't worry, bring your old covers in or ship them to us and we can organize to have them 3D Printed for you!

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  • Can I just cover my weep holes with anything?

    We strongly advise against covering your weep holes with anything you can find to plug it up. Weep holes have a purpose and an important one at that. Covering them will be disastrous causing your window to leak and ultimately, lead to your window rotting.

  • The goal is to have something in your weep hole acting as a one-way street, letting water out where it is needed without letting foreign objects and critters in.

    Bugs can be a huge problem causing damage of their own. These inexpensive little additions to your home will save you a lot of grief.

  • Before you install your new hole covers.

    Cockroaches spiders and more can find their way into your home through your weep holes, so it's not just moisture and weather that they help protect you against.

    They also tend to get stuck or perish inside of the holes so it is strongly recommended you give your weep holes some much-needed maintenance. Grab yourself a can of compressed air and give them a blast. Anything that isn't cleared with this can just be tidied up with a cotton swab.

    Now that the hole is clean and free of debris and insects it should be able to do what it needs to do.